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7 Clear Signs of Male Balding

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Did you know that male pattern baldness is a leading cause of depression among men? This is particularly true when hair loss is severe, and the underlying reasons for baldness could be environmental or genetic. San Jose hair restoration treatment options are available- talk to a doctor today. Here are the 7 clear signs of male pattern balding: 

Thinning Hair

An early sign of male balding is simply thinning hair. This usually starts around the temple among men, and sometimes around the forehead. 


A more advanced stage of male pattern baldness involves the formation of an M-shape around the forehead and temples. This might also be called frontal balding.  

Receding Hairline

As hair loss becomes more advanced, you may notice a receding hairline. If you previously had a receding hairline, this would become more noticeable and pronounced. The hair at the top and crown of the head becomes thinner, and some men may notice bald spots or patches. 

Hair Loss

Are you noticing more and more hair loss? As male pattern baldness becomes more severe, you should lose more hair and notice larger balding spots on the back of the head. Your hair loss is more visible at this point.  

Horseshoe Crown

Another sign of this condition is a horseshoe shape at the crown of the head. This means significant hair loss has occurred and the balding should be visible and easier to see. The classic horseshoe or U-shape may be accompanied by hair on the sides of the head, giving some men an older appearance.  

Bald Patches

Can you see your scalp? As male pattern baldness exacerbates, you should notice wider bald patches, revealing your scalp and crown more prominently. Also, you may lose some of the hair on the sides of the head that accompanied a U-shaped hairline.  

Very Little Hair

The final sign of male pattern baldness is simply a lot less hair all over the head. You will know when you have lost significant hair- and if it is time to seek help from a hair restoration doctor.  

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