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Are You a Good Candidate for Hairline Surgery?

Learn More About Hairline Surgery

Many Americans today have what can be visually described as a large forehead or a high hairline. That can cause the face to appear disproportionately large, affecting a person’s self-esteem and making them feel self-conscious or depressed. The causes can include genetics, illnesses, and hair loss. Hair loss is highly common in men with about two-thirds of them experiencing some degree of hair loss. That reaches 85 percent of men by the age of 50. About 50 percent of women also experience some degree of noticeable hair loss. But there is a remedy found in San Francisco men’s hair loss treatment and women’s hair loss treatment.

What is Hairline Surgery?

Hairline surgery is a way to lower the hairline by up to two inches between the existing hairline and the eyebrows. It is done as outpatient surgery using local and twilight anesthesia. The procedure typically takes between two to three hours and starts as the surgeon marks the location of the desired post-operative new hairline. The surgeon surgically removes excess skin between the current and planned hairline. The existing hair-bearing scalp is advanced to its new position and secured and the skin is carefully sutured. Using this procedure scarring is minimal and hair grows back within the scar, leaving natural-looking results. Recovery is rather quick with sutures removed at one week and patients return to work and light activities. In addition, a hair grafting procedure such as FUE transplant surgery can be used to enhance and change the shape of the hairline. San Francisco hairline surgery experts can accomplish this beneficial surgery to give individuals an improved look and enhanced outlook on life.

Who Are Good Candidates for Hairline Surgery?

Hairline surgery is suitable for both men and women. Good candidates include those who have a high forehead and a high hairline, are motivated to get a better appearance, have thick hair that is disproportionate to the height of the hairline, have a flexible scalp, don’t have significant thinning at the front hairline, and have a stable front hairline. San Francisco hairline surgery experts can accomplish the desired visual improvements beautifully.

FUE Hair Transplant

A useful companion to hairline surgery and a highly effective process of covering baldness in men and women is a surgery called Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). This is an advanced technique whereby individual natural groupings of hairs are removed and transplanted into a new region. Using FUE, performed by an expert in  FUE hair restoration in San Jose, follicular units are taken from permanent hair zones and grafted carefully into their new location.

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Contact Medical Hair & Transplant Aesthetics, the offices of Dr. John Diep, with locations in San Francisco and Los Gatos for a consultation.  Dr. Diep has pioneered new hair transplant techniques and procedures that produce outstanding hair restoration results. Dr. Diep was chosen by Newsweek Magazine as one of the best hair loss doctors in the hair restoration field.