Hairline Surgery: Safety First

Safety First in Hairline Surgery

Choose Your Hair Transplant Doctor Wisely

Every surgery carries risk, and hair restoration procedures are no exception. These treatments involve actual surgery that includes local anesthesia. Selecting an experienced hair transplant surgeon is the best way to minimize the risk of complications.

Certain situations are normal with any hair restoration surgery. For instance:

      • Shock Loss occurs when new hair growing from transplanted follicles falls out. The effect is usually temporary, with normal hair growth beginning within a few weeks.
      • Itching is a sensation that often occurs around incision sites after any surgery, and it is considered part of the healing process.
        Complications that occur when inexperienced doctors perform hair transplant procedures include:

        • Infection of the scalp or follicles.
        • Bleeding at the incision sites beyond what is normal post-surgical seepage.
        • Numbness or lack of sensation on the treated areas of the scalp after the local anesthesia has worn off.
        • Crust formations where follicles were harvested or transplanted.
        • Patchy and unnaturally looking tufts of hair.

Any doctor can claim to be a hair transplant specialist, but unless these procedures comprise the majority of his or her practice, the physician likely lacks the skills and technical insight required to deliver great results with minimal risks. If you choose to have hair restoration surgery, select someone who provides bald treatment as the main focus of his or her practice.

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