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Tips for Sleeping After Getting Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)


If you are undergoing Hair Transplant Procedures, you know there is a short recovery period after each session. During recovery you should adopt the best sleeping techniques and postures that will allow you to get proper rest!

Sleeping Techniques You Can Use After Having a FUE Hair Transplant

People have concerns after undergoing an FUE Procedure that they may damage the affected area while they sleep. Although hair surgeons agree that the chance of causing any damage to the newly moved follicle units is small, you can never be too safe. Plus getting full nights of good sleep aids in recovery.

Here are steps to take to ensure you get a comfortable night’s sleep without worrying about damaging your newly transplanted hair:

  • Sleep on your side rather than on your back.
  • Arrange your pillow in an upright position, which can keep your head from accidentally bumping against the headboard.
  • Stack two huge pillows on your side to block you from rolling over.
  • Use a travel or airline pillow around the neck.

The travel pillow is a top option. The firmness and support features of these pillows will prevent irritation on the donor site. This will also help to protect the grafts from rubbing against the pillow.

After undergoing an FUE transplant procedure, your Hair Surgeon will most likely remove your bandages during a follow-up procedure, to prevent any blockage of the lymphatic and scalp’s venous drainage, which can lead to swelling. If you wish to protect your transplanted hair while sleeping, conform to the the recommended schedule to remove the bandages.

There are also certain pain medications that your surgeon may provide to help you sleep better.

Sleeping as advised by your hair doctor is necessary to get the best results after your FUE hair transplant.

FUE Transplants Have Fast Recovery Periods if Hair Surgeon Advice Followed

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