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Summer Hair Loss Challenges: 5 Problems with Hair Concealers and Cover-ups

Sick of hiding your hair loss under a hat or with messy concealers? Summer presents particular challenges for men who utilize these means to cover-up premature balding; instead of camouflaging your hair loss, why not do something to resolve it? Talk to a Bay Area hair transplant doctor for more information regarding FUE hair restoration today.

Some summer problems facing men using hair concealers or hair pieces include:

1. The Heat
The California heat can wreak havoc with concealers, often compromising coverage and leaving your head streaky or blotchy. Furthermore, perspiration can also cause issues with the natural appearance of concealers, creating a mess. If you wear a hair piece, you know how uncomfortable it can be – especially during warmer temperatures.

2. The Water
Another problem for concealers and hair pieces is water, like your swimming pool. Taking a dip at the lake is not so easy for men using these products to conceal and cover premature hair loss. This can impact spontaneity and hamper your quality of life, especially for those that enjoy outdoor activities, sports, and water.

3. Your Hat
Many men may resort to wearing hats to help conceal hair loss. Concealers can smudge or smear when wearing a hat, and your hat can also cause hair pieces to shift or move. These products simply do not pir well with your favorite caps and hats, which can also prove frustrating.

4. Discretion
Men who use concealers may worry about getting close to others and preserving discretion, which can be difficult. A more permanent solution will afford you the discreet coverage and full head of hair that you deserve.

5. Longevity
What about the longevity of hair concealers? Typically, these products require reapplication, which takes time and attention. Hair pieces, on the other hand, may last over the long-term, but tend to look dated and less-natural with consistent wear. Quality hair pieces require special care and maintenance to last.

Say Goodbye to Hair Pieces and Cover-ups with Hair Transplant Surgery from Dr. Diep

Avoid these summertime issues with a more permanent hair loss or bald treatment option. Contact MHTA Clinic for more information about Follicular Unit Extraction, or FUE hair transplant options and a free and confidential consultation. Dr. Diep at MHTA Clinic is one of a limited number of specialists with expertise in ethnic hair transplantation and restoration techniques. Don’t deal with the problems of concealers any longer; make this the summer that you resolve hair loss for good.