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What Is Scalp Micropigmentation?

Could It Be An Easy Solution to My Hair Loss?

View of San Jose man's thinning hair from topScalp Micropigmentation is a non-surgical men’s hair loss treatment. It is especially effective for men with thinning hair who want to give the appearance of thicker hair coverage.  While less invasive than a hair transplant, some risk is involved.

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3 Non-surgical Hair Loss Treatments for Thinning Hair

Simple Solutions For Hair Loss

Man outside after San Jose FUE Hair Restoration


Although hair transplant surgery can provide excellent results for men and women with thinning hair, not all patients are comfortable with this option. Here are three alternative (but also high successful and tested) treatments available to people struggling with hair loss issues.

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Think You Have Male Pattern Baldness?

Know The Signs And The Solutions

San Jose Man with Signs of Hair Loss.

Affecting more than half of all men over the age of 50, but detected in men as early as their 20s, male pattern baldness is the most common type of men’s hair loss. In men with this condition, hair follicles in the affected area shrink and the hair produced becomes progressively thinner until no hair grows at all. To that end, let’s review the major signs of male pattern baldness and what to do about the situation.

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Could a Hair Transplant be the Key to Higher Self-Esteem?

Three Stories About How Hair Transplants Changed Lives

Whether you suffer from hair thinning or complete baldness, a hair transplant procedure will change your life. Here are some stories from people who have undergone successful hair transplant procedures.

San Jose Hair Transplant Recipient with renewed self-esteem

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What Hairstyles Can I Wear After Hairline Surgery?

Prepare For Your Life and Style After Hair Restoration

Gentleman with Styled Hair after Hairline Surgery

A good hair transplant surgeon will put transplanted hairs at a neutral angle. However, since transplanted hairs are usually thicker than the original hairs, styling difficulties are common. Choose and maintain a natural looking hairstyle after hair restoration with these tips.

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Hair Loss Causes: Ethnicity, Gender, and Age

Considering Individual Differences in Men Hair Loss Treatments

Ethnicity and Hair Transplant Surgery

Hair loss affects people of all ethnicities, ages and genders. Surprisingly, these characteristics can all play a role in the way hair loss develops, and they also can have profound implications for bald treatment options. Let’s unpack these factors one by one.

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Men’s Hair Loss: Is it Your Birthright?

Bald Baby wondering if he'll stay that way

The Bald Truth

Male-pattern baldness affects more than 50 million men in the United States. Many men will develop this condition regardless of what they do to prevent it, and the risk increases with age. Fortunately, effective bald treatment options are available to help you deal with hair loss when it occurs. Continue reading

What to do about Men’s Frontal Hair Loss

Different Stages of Hair Loss Have Different Treatment Options

man with frontal hair lossAre you a gentleman looking in the mirror only to discover more of your forehead showing than you previously recalled? Frontal hair loss is usually the first sign of male pattern baldness. There are, however, men’s hair loss treatments you can implement in the beginning through more advanced phases – from styling to consultation with a hairline surgery doctor.

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How Many Hair Transplants Will I Need?

 Bald Man Pondering San Francisco Hairline Surgery

Our FUE Doctor Offers Some Perspective

The choice to opt for hairline surgery is a highly personal one, and you want to minimize the amount of downtime and uncertainty associated with the procedure. How many transplants will you need? What’s the likelihood of success? How much will the process cost you, not only in terms of cash investment but also in terms of time off work and recovery time? The answers depend on your needs, your hair history (including any past surgeries done) and other factors.
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New Hair Growth after Hairline Surgery


Any time you undergo a major physical transformation, such as getting a hair transplant, you need to know what to expect throughout the entire process. Knowledge is power, after all. This article will provide a thumbnail sketch of how, when and where you will likely regrow hair after a surgery as well as what to expect, post-op, in general. Continue reading