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What Is a Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)?

San Francisco Hair Transplant Doctor Explains FUE Hair Implant Surgery


Before FUE Hair Transplant Surgery ©2014 MHTA

You may have heard a little bit about FUE hair restoration when reading about hair loss solutions. Follicular unit extraction, also known as an FUE, is a hair follicle transplant process. Healthy follicles are grafted, one-by-one, onto areas of the head that are balding. Continue reading

FUE versus FUT Hair Transplant Surgery

Learn Which Hair Restoration Option is Best, From A Leading San Jose Hair Transplant Doctor.

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After FUE Hair Transplant Surgery ©2014 MHTA

For many people, a full head of hair represents youth and attractiveness. Those experiencing hair loss seek the most effective and technologically advanced restorative procedures to help them regain what they have lost. Continue reading