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6 Styling Tips for Disguising Women’s Hair Loss

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Losing your hair? It is estimated that 40% of those reporting premature hair loss are women. Over time, women’s hair loss may impact confidence and self-esteem–but it doesn’t have to.

Talk to a Bay Area hair transplant doctor to learn more about restorative practices and hairline surgery in San Francisco if you feel that your situation is severe. For more subtle hair loss, consider these styling tricks to make your hair appear thicker.

Six styling tips to disguise women’s hair loss:

  1. Try a new color. Take attention away from your previous style and hairline with a new color. Try something fresh and different that takes everyone by surprise!
  2. Go short. Often-times if you’re not ready for hairline surgery San Francisco stylists will advise that short hair can work well with a receding hairline or significant thinning of the hair. Try a new cut to camouflage hair loss; talk to your stylist about something that is close on the sides to detract from thinning on the crown or top.
  3. Treat your hair right. If your hair is thinning or receding, take extra- good care of your it; avoid hair stress at all costs. Handle it gently, never pull or tug, and use high-quality styling products to keep it healthy.
  4. Test out hair pieces. Try some of the latest hair pieces to fill-in and give your hair a fuller look. You may not be ready for a wig, but a simple and easy-to-wear extension can make a big difference.
  5. Try restorative hair products. More and more hair products are emerging that promise healthier and fuller hair. Some of these may have favorable reviews and could be worth a try; stay away from any questionable products that make lofty and unrealistic promises.
  6. Keep it natural. Go for natural styles and looks that aren’t too stiff or formal. Keep things simple, like beach-waves or loose buns, instead of tight pony-tails or straightening hair, which can wreak havoc on the hair.

Don’t Settle with Hair Loss! Reach Out to Our Hair Transplant Doctor in San Francisco Today

Talk with a hair restoration doctor to learn more and to determine how severe your distinct situation is. You may be able to glean a renewed confidence with styling tips alone!
For hair restoration and hairline surgery options and information, call (866) 999-6482 or contact Dr. Diep at MHTA Clinic for a consultation.

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