Temple Thinning Solutions

Solve Temple Thinning With FUE Hairline Surgery

Man Assessing Hairline for FUE Transplant

Male pattern baldness usually progresses in a predictable fashion, beginning with the frontal hairline and worsening over time until only a small band of hair remains on the back of the scalp and sides of the head. Although temple thinning typically occurs in the later stages of hair loss, men’s hair loss treatment can still be effective.

FUE Hair Restoration – An Exciting New Approach to an Old Problem

This procedure is appropriate for virtually any part of the scalp, including the temporal area. During the surgery, a doctor harvests donor hair from another location and transplants it to the scalp.

Benefits of FUE

FUE hair transplant offers a lot of pluses, including:

* No visible scarring. Unlike older and less popular therapies, FUE transplant results in no noticeable scars.

* Natural appearance. This procedure leaves you with an attractive, natural hairline.

* Quick recovery. Under normal circumstances, it takes just a few days to recover completely from an FUE hair transplant.

* Minimal pain and discomfort. From patient reports, this procedure leads to little to no pain both during and after the surgery.

Need Help With Thinning Temples?

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