The Top Causes for Hair Loss

The Most Common Causes of Hair Loss

Nearly 40% people around 35 have to deal with hair loss today, and the number rises to as much as 65% for those above 60. Thinning of hair and balding have become one of the most common issues faced by both men and women. It is no longer considered to be a problem for men and women with various kinds of treatments being easily available globally.what causes hair loss

Common Causes For Hair Loss:

1. The most common cause for hair loss is your gene

While we all are created by the genetics that has been carried forward by our ancestors, it is very common for us to face the problems that our forefathers had faced once. It has been found that most of the people who have been facing hair loss problems might have been affected by the issue mainly because their gene consists of such a problem. In such a case, you need to take special care of your hair.
2. Drugs can cause hair loss

The use of medical drugs is very common, and that is, unfortunately, one of the major causes for hair loss as well. Most of these medicines have a very high dosage that has many negative side effects on our body. One of such side effects is the loss of hair. The hair tends to get thinner and gradually get lost completely from the scalp.
3. Any kinds of diseases can lead to hair loss

Diseases of thyroid and anemia can lead to the loss of hair. These diseases have the tendency to damage the cells in the body, especially the hair cells. The chances are that hair will be lost.

After coming across the several reasons of hair fall among the women, now we should find the effective measures that would be helpful for fighting the hair loss problems.
4. Taking pregnancy pills can cause hair loss

Some pregnancy pills have been known to have a side effect of hair loss.
5. Not Exercising regularly is harmful

Regular workouts can boost the generation of more blood cells in the body, and that would allow the hair to grow stronger.

Apart from these, hormonal changes in the body, as well as infections, can cause baldness. Some people also have skin disorders that need to be treated on time.

Hair restoration is one of the best hair loss treatments available today.

Hair restoration can be easy with the right help; The  MHTA Clinic can help you battle with hair loss effectively. The hair loss treatments can give results even in the shorter term. The hair transplant options ensure that you’ve hair that you would be proud of, again.

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