URFUT: The Modern Hair Transplant Procedure

Benefits of URFUT Men Hair Transplants 

corrective hair surgery san joseUltra Refined Follicular Unit of Transplant (URFUT) is the standard for modern hair transplantation where one refined but healthy hair graft is placed into each site. There will be no “pluggy” look, unlike the old hair transplant procedures like MUT (Multi Unit of Hair Transplantation), when 10-20 hair grafts were placed per incision site, leading to thick “doll like” hair growth. 

The URFUT procedure is more refined than the FUT procedure because it involves dissecting the grafts under a microscope further, cutting away excess skin and tissue. This leads to thinner hair grafts with healthy, intact organs. When compared to FUT, the smaller hair grafts from URFUT have many benefits, including:  

  • Less trauma in the recipient area to allow faster post surgical healing.
  • Less pitting or distortions in the transplanted areas because of less skin.
  • Less chance of dimpling because of less skin
  • Greater ability to densely pack hair because of smaller hair grafts
  • Better angulation of transplanted hair.

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At MHTA, we only use the most cutting edge technology to do hair transplant procedures that create very natural, dense results. URFUT is one of many procedures that makes Dr. Diep a leader in hair transplantation. If you’re interested in learning more about your hair restoration options, give MHTA a call at 408-356-8600 or toll free at 866-999-MHTA .

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