Can a Vegan Diet Cause Hair Loss?

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Are You a Vegan and Worried About Hair Loss?

Vegans may be at a higher risk of hair loss due to nutrition deficiencies that meat-eaters may not struggle with. If you’re a vegan and have been experiencing unwanted hair loss, consider speaking to a FUE doctor, such as Dr. Diep at MHTA Clinic in Los Gatos, to learn more about your options.

Can a vegan diet cause hair loss?
According to some physicians, the answer is yes–due to a lack of vitamins and minerals that typically come from animal products. An iron deficiency can actually exacerbate hair loss. Prevent premature hair loss by evaluating your diet and making necessary changes, without shying away from your vegan lifestyle.

What should you eat?
Iron-rich foods can help prevent hair loss, including dried fruits, legumes, and dark-leafy greens, like spinach. Even though you’re vegan, skip the soy products when you can. There is some evidence that soy interferes with the thyroid and hormone levels, contributing to noticeable hair loss.

What else can you do?
Since you’re vegan, request a thyroid test at the next check-up with your doctor. If you’ve had a diet containing a lot of soy products, find out if your thyroid is compromised so that you can treat it–which may resolve your hair loss issue.

When does it make sense to consider hair loss treatment options like hair restoration surgery?
Some hair loss is natural and a part of the normal aging process. However, if you’re noticing excessive hair loss, bald patches, or a receding hairline, consider talking with a hair loss specialist. This will uncover your hair restoration options and could also reveal the cause of your distinct issue.

Contact Our San Francisco FUE Doctor for Advanced Hair Loss Restoration

Are you losing your hair? Your vegan diet could be contributing to the issue, but there are other factors at play, like genetics. Contact Dr. Diep at MHTA Clinic for a consultation if you’re experiencing advanced hair loss and would like to learn more about FUE hair transplant surgery and other hair restoration options.