Vitamin D Deficiency and Female Pattern Hair Loss

female pattern hair loss and vitamin deficiency

Female Hair Loss and Vitamin D: Is there a Correlation Between the Two?

Are you losing your hair at an alarming rate? Did you know that a Vitamin D deficiency among women can contribute to female pattern hair loss? Fortunately, there are options for both men and women regarding hair restoration in San Francisco. Talk to an FUE doctor or women’s hair loss treatment specialist to learn more.

Here’s what you should know about Vitamin D deficiency and female pattern hair loss:

Vitamin Deficiency
Vitamin D is responsible for stimulating your hair to grow, so when you lack Vitamin D, your hair can suffer. If you don’t consume enough Vitamin D in your diet or if you don’t get a lot of exposure to natural sunlight, you should discuss taking a vitamin supplement with your doctor. It is recommended that adults over the age of 50 aim for at least 400 IU of Vitamin D daily; as you get older, increase your daily intake to around 600 IU.

Hair Loss
Hair follicles are the pores on your scalp that hair grows from; Vitamin D is integral in the process of growing new follicles. These new follicles give you a thick head of hair and keep you from losing your hair. Therefore, just as Vitamin D helps you maintain a lush head of hair, a lack of this significant nutrient can cause premature hair loss in women. For instance, individuals suffering with alopecia areata, a condition that manifests in loss of hair, are usually found to be lacking in Vitamin D.

Underlying Causes
There are other situations and circumstances that cause a Vitamin D deficiency, and frequently, hair loss. People living with Celiac or Crohn’s Disease may have difficulty absorbing vitamins from their food, so they may experience hair loss. Some other symptoms that you could be deficient in Vitamin D include fatigue, chronic pain, weakness, lack of endurance, mood fluctuation, slow wound healing, and high blood pressure. If you experience these symptoms, talk to your doctor.

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Talk to Our FUE Doctor in San Jose if Female Hair Loss is a Big Concern

Women’s hair transplant procedures are far more common than you may realize; talk to a Bay Area hair restoration doctor to learn more about the many options awaiting you. Ready to do something permanent about female pattern hair loss? Schedule an appointment to speak with Dr. Diep at MHTA Clinic, a San Francisco hair transplant doctor, for information on treatment options.