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The Benefits of Water On Your Hair

Many people wonder what can do to keep their hair at its best. While there are many answers, one of the best and simplest is this: Drink enough water! Water has countless benefits for many parts of your body, including your hair. Keep reading to find out why our Las Gatos hair restoration clinic recommends treating your hair to ample amounts of hydration.

Water Fights Hair Loss

Individuals interested in San Jose bald treatment and similar procedures may be interested to hear that water can fight hair loss, according to one expert interviewed by InStyle. In fact, water makes up much of your hair, so keeping enough of it in your body is key to retaining your hair.

Water Prevents Dry Hair

Water also fights many other problems, including dry hair. Dehydration can slow down hair growth and lead to already-present hair becoming brittle. Hair that is brittle is vulnerable to breakage and split ends—two problems that nobody wants.

Water Fosters Fullness

If you’re properly hydrated, your hair will be able to absorb the water it needs not only for continued health but also for its best appearance. Well-hydrated hair has a much fuller, more luscious appearance than dried-out hair.

Water Flushes Toxins

Water is essential for flushing toxins from the body. If they stick around, toxins can create all sorts of problems, including with hair growth and health, and water is a key ally in the fight against them.

How Much Water Should I Drink?

The above reasons cover why you should drink ample amounts of water, but another question is: How much is enough? Citing expert advice, the Mayo Clinic recommends that men consume 15.5 cups of fluids and women consume 11.5 cups of fluids per day, with 20% of that being contained in food and the rest in drinks. (To convert those figures: 15.5 cups are equivalent to 3.7 liters, and 11.5 cups are equivalent to 2.7 liters.)

Keep in mind, though, that factors like excessive perspiration may mean you need more water. Additionally, try to avoid overindulging in caffeine and alcohol. Both can lead to dehydration, counteracting your efforts to stay properly hydrated.

To Learn More, Talk to an Expert in Hair Restoration in Los Gatos

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