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What Does Your Hair Say About Your Health?

What is Your Hair Telling You?

When people think of how the body signals poor or good health, they may think of things like appetite and fatigue. But your hair can also send a variety of health signals and even act as a warning sign of conditions such as excessive stress, protein and iron deficiencies, and other problems outlined in this article.

Hair Loss Because of Stress

According to the Mayo Clinic, stress is associated with three types of hair loss:

  • Trichotillomania, which is excessive hair pulling a person does to cope with unpleasant feelings.
  • Alopecia areata, which is an autoimmune condition that causes that body’s immune system to target the hair follicles.
  • Telogen effluvium, which is a condition that sees “large numbers of hair follicles” enter a phase of rest.

The good news is that controlling your stress may lead to the regrowth of hair.


The acronym PCOS refers to polycystic ovary syndrome. It strikes nearly 20% of women and can cause excessive hair to grow on the body and face. Somewhat paradoxically, it may also cause hair to fall out of the scalp. To learn more about PCOS and potential treatments, check out this Healthline article.

Immunodeficiency and Hair

When the body cannot fight infectious diseases with its normal vigor, it has an immunodeficiency, which affects the entire body. Scalp-related symptoms of an immunodeficiency include dandruff and itching. While small amounts of itching and dandruff may not call for measures like hairline surgery in San Jose, excessive amounts mean you should probably talk to your doctor about your symptoms.

Iron Deficiencies and Hair

Iron deficiency is another condition that can cause hair loss, per Healthline, but also may be reversible with adjustments. This pattern of hair loss looks like one of the primary reasons people seek hair restoration in Los Gatos and across the country: male- and female-pattern hair loss. It can also cause fatigue and weakness, among other problems. If you suspect you may be deficient, Healthline recommends asking your physician to see if your iron levels are too low.

Protein Deficiencies and Hair

Like iron, ingesting too little protein can also create problems with the hair. Protein fuels hair growth, but when there is not enough of it, the body will reroute protein elsewhere, neglecting the hair to maintain other functions. That, in turn, can lead to thinning hair, so be sure to eat enough protein.

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