When Should You Consider Hair Transplant Services?

Tips From a Leading San Jose Hair Transplant Doctor

If you’re thinking about hair restoration in San Jose, you may be wondering whether you’re too old or too young for hair loss treatment. There’s no perfect age for hair restoration, because it depends on your own situation. Here are some general thoughts about when a hair transplant might be right for you.

How Old Are You?

While age isn’t the best indicator of when you should think about men’s hair loss treatment in San Francisco, there are some things you should know. Male pattern baldness can start as early as 18 years of age, but most surgeons want men to wait until they’re in their 30s before starting treatment. Your hairline is still growing until you are about 29. Having hairline surgery too early may redistribute hair follicles inefficiently. Wait a few years to make sure you transplant the hair to the right places for best results.

Can You Be Too Old for Hair Restoration?

There’s no upper age limit for hair restoration surgery, but you do need to have ample hair on the scalp for transplantation. You must also be able to grow hair. Your hair transplant surgeon should know your medical history, as some chronic conditions may make healing more difficult or increase the risk during surgery.

How Long Do You Need to Recover?

You should also plan to have some recovery time following the procedure. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is popular because there aren’t any surgical incisions, but you may still need to plan a week or two of healing. You may be able to resume most of your daily schedule in one to two days, but you may also experience some swelling where the hair was removed. You should also consider upcoming plans for the first 6 to 12 months following surgery. For the first few weeks after your treatment, you won’t be able to swim. You also need to avoid direct sun on your scalp for a few months. This is easily manageable with a hat, but it’s good to think about your vacation while your new hair is growing.

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