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Reasons to Consider a Hair Transplant

Here are the Reasons that Hair Restoration in a Great Choice

If you’re considering hair restoration in Los Gatos or the nearby area, you may be wondering why other people pursue anti-hair-loss procedures. This article goes over some of the most prominent factors that lead people to undergo hair restoration. Specifically, it looks at what sets transplant-style hair restoration apart from other treatment choices—or doing nothing.

Reversal of Hair Loss

Losing one’s hair can come as quite a blow, so it’s no wonder people seek out men’s hair loss treatment in San Jose. In fact, researchers have looked into the psychological effects of one type of hair loss (alopecia). They found that alopecia may lead to “high levels of anxiety and depression.” In other words, hair loss may directly harm your mental health. Even if you weather the psychological storm, you may still desire to restore your hair for purely cosmetic reasons.

Regardless of why your hair is not as plentiful as you’d like, hair transplants are a way to restore your hair’s original appearance. It can counteract receding hairlines, bald patches, and so on. Additionally, it is available for both men and women, and it works as a treatment for a wide range of hair-loss-causing conditions.

Natural-Looking Results

Some nonsurgical or more primitive anti-hair-loss measures may result in an unnatural look. However, a hair transplant delivers results that are about as natural as you can get: It’s literally your own hair that will be growing in the target area. A skilled surgeon will take your hairline, current hair loss status, and so on in order to deliver quality, seamless results.

Easy Maintenance

Hair transplants involve harvesting hair follicles from one part of the scalp—often the rear—and moving them to where they are needed. Once the hair is in its new location, there will be some minor maintenance needed after the procedure. However, in very little time, you’ll be able to care for the transplanted hair just as you would any other hair. For instance, there is no need for specialized topical creams or shampoos.

Limited Return Visits

Just as maintenance requirements are low following a hair transplant, so is the need to return to the doctor’s office. There may be a need for a follow-up visit, but otherwise, you can typically expect results without multiple returns to the office.

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