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How and Why Men Go Bald

Wondering About Hair Loss?

Decades ago, male baldness was simply a part of life as men got older. Today, there are things that can be done to restore your hair, even after you’ve started experiencing baldness. Understanding male baldness can help you understand how your hair may change as you get older and if you’ll need help with hair restoration. If you’re concerned about losing your hair, hair transplant in the Bay Area may be a good solution for you to keep your natural hairline and thick, lustrous head of hair.

When men begin losing their hair, it usually occurs in a particular pattern of hair loss, called male pattern baldness. There are two particular areas of the scalp that begin to experience hair loss first, with the baldness spreading to the rest of the scalp from these areas. Hair loss at the temples begins to raise the man’s hairline on both sides so that, as the baldness spreads, the hairline looks triangular from the top and front. Hair loss at the crown begins at the whorl and spreads at the back and top of the head. These two areas of hair loss continue to spread, often leaving a u-shape of hair at the ears and around the back of the head with baldness on the top of the scalp. Once the baldness begins, it affects all of the follicles as it spreads and doesn’t skip any patches of hair in the affected area. Many men don’t notice hair thinning until areas of baldness emerge or their hairline recedes significantly.

Male pattern baldness is primarily genetic in nature. Quite often, men in a family will experience the same baldness beginning at around the same ages through multiple generations. However, not much else is known about the causes of male baldness or why it occurs the way it does. This has made it difficult to prevent or to develop effective methods of hair restoration in San Francisco.

Consider a Hair Transplant in the Bay Area

Hair transplants can be an effective way to combat male pattern baldness. Using new techniques, tools, and procedures pioneered by Dr. John Diep, Medical Hair & Transplant Aesthetics can help you achieve the hair restoration in San Francisco that you’re looking for. Whether you’ve just started noticing thinning hair or you’ve been dealing with baldness for years, we can help you get the look you want with hair transplant in the Bay Area. Contact Medical Hair & Transplant Aesthetics today to learn how we can help you with your hair transplant in San Francisco needs.