Why Do We Lose More Hair in the Fall?

hair transplant doctor explains why you lose more hair in the fall

Why Seasonal Shedding is Completely Normal

Trees aren’t the only things that shed during autumn: While leaves fall to the ground, many people notice they’re shedding more hair than normal. This post looks at the causes behind excess autumn shedding, countermeasures you can take, and how to find a Los Gatos hair transplant doctor for personalized advice and care.

Seasonal Shedding

Both men and women may notice more hair loss during the fall. A large reason behind this is that hair growth occurs in phases, as explained in this article from Hair Loss Review Centre. The first phase is the anagen phase, which is when hair is growing. The second step is the catagen phase, which is a transitional stage during which blood supply to the hair stops.

As summer ends, lots of hair is in the third step: the telogen phase, which is when hair is resting. As the fall season begins, these hairs may shift into the shedding phase, meaning people may notice more hair than normal falling out. Typically, this type of shedding will stop around November, or halfway through autumn.

Should You Be Alarmed?

Nobody likes seeing their hair fall out, but the hair growth cycle means that some seasonal shedding is completely normal. However, it can cause problems if you’re already experiencing advanced hair loss, which is one reason why many people seek out San Jose hair restoration during the autumn months.

What Can Be Done About Seasonal Hair Loss?

The fact that some seasonal hair shedding is normal doesn’t mean you have to sit back and take it. There are some ways to mitigate the hair loss. For example, Allure.com writer Donna Freydkin highlights taking vitamins and keeping your hair moisturized as two anti-hair-loss measures. (Vitamins do not prevent shedding, but they do fight against breakage, helping to protect remaining hair.)

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