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How Hair Loss Affects a Woman’s Self-Esteem

Is Hair Loss Affecting Your Self-Esteem?

Hair loss can put a damper on the self-esteem of just about anyone, including women, who sometimes turn to our Los Gatos hair restoration clinic for advice and aid. This article takes a look at female hair loss in general, the unique self-esteem issues women face when they lose hair, and some strategies to cope.

Basics on Female Hair Loss

Hair loss in women is more common than many people think. In fact, according to health and wellness coach Stacey Chillemi, 21 million women in America alone suffer from alopecia, a condition that causes hair loss. That may not even be the full picture: The Cleveland Clinic estimates that over half of women will notice hair loss. The takeaway point is that if you’re a woman experiencing hair loss, you’re far from alone.

Effects on Self-Esteem

The fact that many women deal with hair loss doesn’t necessarily dampen its effects on individual self-esteem. Chillemi writes that hair is often seen as a symbol of “sexiness” as well as “instinct” and “physical attraction.” A healthy head of hair can go hand-iin-hand with an appearance of virility, too. Moreover, women across the world tend to see hair as a big part of their style and beauty. Therefore, it’s no surprise that losing hair can feel like a blow to a woman’s self-esteem. In fact, an expert quoted by Chillemi said that it can be “devastating.”


The good news is that women have many countermeasures available to restore self-esteem, including the following.

  • Focus on maintaining and building relationships with friends, family, and the people you work with. Chillemi points out that these are critical to maintaining self-esteem.
  • Practice self-care and go easy on yourself. There’s no reason to beat yourself up over of hair loss.
  • Hair restoration surgery is often an option for women, just as it is for men.
  • Surgical countermeasures aren’t limited to restoring a woman’s head of hair, either. For example, eyebrow enhancements are available in the Bay Area and across the country; these can restore thinning eyebrows to a higher level of thickness.
  • Chillemi advises that while you decide on the best course(s) of action, a wig can be a great help. In fact, even women without hair loss sometimes wear wigs for stylistic reasons, so don’t feel shy about putting one on!

Get Advice from a Los Gatos Hair Restoration Expert

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