Corrective Hair Surgery

Corrective Hair Surgery by a Bay Area Hair Transplant Doctor

Our specialist can create natural hairlines and undetectable hair transplant results that many patients seek. Corrective hair transplant surgery is offered at our MHTA Clinic in Los Gatos, California. Correction for the unsightly “plugs” or “corn rows” is certainly obtainable and can be extremely satisfying. Corrective surgery is also requested for more recent hair restoration procedures performed in an unsatisfactory manner with poor technique and planning. The following variables can result in unsatisfactory results, including:

  • Plugs or corn rows
  • Lack of density
  • Unnatural hairline position
  • Hairline is not high enough (too low)
  • Hair growth at wrong angles and directions
  • Poor scarring

Corrective hair transplant surgery is often more challenging than a standard procedure. Depending on the cause(s) for the poor, unnatural result, corrective hair transplant surgery may include one or several procedures:

  • Removal of hair that grows in wrong angles and directions
  • Thin out plugs by FUE or extraction method
  • Increase hair density by follicular unit transplant
  • Follicular unit transplant to hide unnatural hairlines
  • Follicular unit transplant to blend into hairlines growing in wrong angles and directions

Depending on the extent of corrective hair transplant surgery and the reconstructive skills of our hair restoration surgeon, a plastic surgeon may be more suitable for more involved corrective needs. However, for corrective hair transplant surgery, residents of the Bay Area, and surrounding areas trust the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) specialist at Medical Hair Transplant and Aesthetics.

Whether you are a woman or man who has suffered from previous hair loss and have had unsuccessful results, we are the go-to specialist, trusted in hair transplant restoration. Contact our office today and experience the difference in your appearance and in our surgical techniques and treatment.

Consider Dr. Diep as your doctor of choice for FUE hair restoration for all ethnic hair types. Dr. Diep is known for his artistic skills in creating natural, attractive hairlines.

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Corrective Hair Surgery Transplant Doctor