Facial Hair Transplants for Men


Beard, goatee and facial hair transplant restoration surgery is an art form. These types of surgeries required both aesthetics and artistic skills including surgical talent. Many patients claimed that a full set of beard, thick stylist goatee or long full set of side burns enhances their looks, reshape their face, reveals masculine or “macho” look, exudes confidence, hides scar and other facial hair defect, brings out handsome features, amplify mature yet youthful look and accentuate intelligent looks. No matter what the reasons are, natural facial hair restoration can be achieved through paying attention to many fine details. Through many years of experience in innovative facial hair restoration such as beard, goatee and side burns, Dr. Diep has invented his own unique artistic style and technique called, “DR. DIEP 7 RULES FOR NATURAL BEARD RESTORATION”.

  1. Facial structure determines how high and how low the beard line should be. Beards tends to follow the contour of your facial bones.
  2. Beard density influenced by Style and Ethnicity: Asian and black African have less beard density than Caucasian, leading to less hair requirement. Beard density can be dictated by style. Some men like their beard thick and dense while others just wanted light coverage. Dense beard reveals masculine, intelligent and gruff-tough look, while low density beard exudes mature yet very stylist and clean look.
  3. Single hair grafts at the border: rows and rows of single hair roots are strategically transplanted at the border for natural blending and soft look. Feathering required a lot of single hair grafts natural and dense look.
  4. Zigzag line: beard border should have soft zigzag line for natural look. Straight hairline will look too artificial. With the soft zigzag line, the patient can shave his hair straight and style any way he wanted.
  5. URFUT: Ultra Refined Follicular Unit of Transplantation for natural look, No Plug.
  6. Specific Precise Angle: Hair exits the skin on the face at a very flat angle and tends to points downward, following the contour of your face.
  7. Randomness: hair placement appears very natural with random placement, no row.

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