Seven Rules to Dense Hair

Seven Rules to Recreate a Natural and Dense Hair Line

  1. URFUT: Transplant one hair graft at a time to each individual incision site
  2. Establish appropriate hair line for specific ethnic groups.
  3. Zigzag hair line: Zigzag hair line will look very natural. A straight hair line will look too artificial.
  4. Outliners: single hair grafts are placed in front of the frontal hair line to achieve a natural and soft hair line result.
  5. Selection of hair grafts: Place single hair grafts in the frontal zone of the hair line to soften the hair line, followed by 2 or 3 or 4 hair grafts to add bulk and volume in the back.
  6. Specific Angle of hair placement: The hair angle starts out at around 30° in the frontal area, increasing in steepness toward the back. The hair angle changes toward the sides.
  7. Random hair placement: In nature, hair grows randomly, no specific rows or groups of hair. The more random the hair placement, the more natural it will appear.

FUE Hair Loss – Commitment to Excellence

Dr. John Diep makes sure that each one of his patients for follicular unit extraction is treated with as much care and attention as possible. After all, FUE hair loss surgery is an incredibly challenging art form, one which Dr. Diep has mastered.

Call now to learn more about Dr. Diep’s FUE hair loss services. We’re certain his commitment to excellence in follicular unit extraction will be just what you are looking for.

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