FUE to Fix Plugs

FUE to Fix Plugs

FUE to Remove Plugs

In the old days, Multiple Unit of Hair Transplantation (MUT) was commonly used to restore hair loss. But now, it has become a thing of the past. MUT involves the transplantation of multiple hair grafts (10-20 hair grafts) at a time to the recipient site. This causes the hair grafts to grow together in bunches creating “Plugs”. Plugs are like patches in which hair grows closely together in clumps. The other negative effect of MUT is a “Donut” growth pattern. Aside from hair growing in clumps, there is also a lack of hair growth in the center, giving it the appearance of a donut. This is partially due to the lack of oxygen diffusing to the hair grafts in the center. Thus, without oxygen, hair roots tend to die in the early stage of the healing process.

There are three techniques to fix hair Plugs. These three techniques are: performing FUE with a big size biopsy punch, creating a transitional zone in front of the hair PLUGS and a linear excision of the hair PLUGS. Of these three techniques, FUE is considered the best technique of all; however, it is the most difficult technique of all. The FUE technique allows the thinning of the plugs, thus resulting in the most natural looking hair line and growth. Linear excision produces a traumatic effect on the patient because the patient experiences tremendous pain during recovery. There is also a higher chance of scalp bleeding and numbness. A visible linear scar can occur with the linear excision technique. As for transitional zone method, a new line of hair growth is created in front of the PLUGS. The idea behind this technique is to build a new hair line in hope of hiding the PLUGS. However, the PLUGS still remain very visible and harsh due to the fact that the frontal transitional zone is too thin or too sparse to hide it; it is not dense enough to hide the thick PLUGS.

Dr. Diep is a specialist in corrective hair surgery. He only uses the FUE technique to correct PLUGS. On some occasions, more than one session is needed to achieve the best and natural result. Dr. Diep has helped many patients who suffered from PLUGS. Their days of suffering from the unsightly look of PLUGS are gone. Patients from around the world have discovered Dr. Diep’s work through YouTube. They have traveled a long way to have him perform corrective surgery. There is no reason to continue suffering with PLUGS. Call now, at (408) 356-8600 to find out how Dr. Diep can help you look better. To view videos of corrective hair surgery, click on this link: MHTA Clinic YouTube Account

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