Financial Information

Deposit: A deposit of $1000 is required prior to scheduling surgery. Acceptable forms of deposit include: cash, money order, cashier’s check and credit card. Personal checks will not be accepted.

Surgery Cost: Your surgery cost quote is good for one year from the date you had your consultation with the doctor.

Payment for Surgery: Your full balance is due 10 business days prior to the surgery. Please be aware that we only accept the following methods of payment: credit card, cashier’s check, cash and Paypal. Other forms of payments would need to be approved by the office.

Refund Policy: Your deposit is 100% refundable only if you cancel your surgery within five day of your deposit. All cancellation must be in writing and email to hairdr@mhtaclinic.com. If you happen to miss your refund period, your deposit is not refundable. Your deposit can only be applied towards another surgery day.


On the day of surgery, we will try to obtain the numbers of grafts as planned. If for any reason, we are unable to obtain the number of grafts as planned, your price per graft will change. It will no longer be at the original price. Instead, it will fall to a different price range tier according to the number of grafts you got. The new price helps offset the high cost of opening the surgery room.

For example: Your surgery was scheduled for FUE #2250 grafts at a cost of $19,500 which is $8.67/graft. On the day of surgery, only #2000 grafts were harvested. At #2000 graft, the price is $17,500. Therefore, the new cost per graft is going to be: $8.75/graft.

Postponement of Surgery: Notice of postponement of surgery must be given to our office at least one month prior to the surgery date. You may postpone your surgery up to three times. On your fourth time scheduling, we will require 50% of your total balance to be paid off prior to rescheduling you a new date.

If you cancel your surgery seven days or less, we will require you to pay 50% of your total balance upfront before rescheduling you a new procedure date. This payment is non-refundable and can only apply towards your future surgery.

If you cancel your surgery 7 days or less, there will be a $4000 penalty. This is in addition to your deposit. A total of $5000 will be non-refundable in the event that you cancel your surgery three days or less prior to your scheduled surgery date. The payment goes toward the set up and preparation of your surgery, including administration fees, doctor’s fees and operation room fees.

In order to prepare your procedure in a timely manner, we required your full balance to be paid off. Your final balance is due 10 business days prior to your procedure. To avoid cancellation of your procedure, please make payment before or 10 days prior to your procedure date.

I have read through the Financial Information Form and agreed to the terms and conditions stated above by Medical Hair Transplant and Aesthetics.