African American Women’s Hair Loss and Restoration

San Jose FUE Doctor Discusses Women’s Hair Loss

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If you’re an African American woman, and you’re researching bald treatment methods to restore hair loss caused by medications or natural hormonal shifts, you need to be careful about what procedures you choose as well as who performs them.

The top reasons for hair loss in African American women include strain from braiding too tightly, a condition called CCCA, leaving weaves in for longer than recommended, and regular use of chemicals, such as relaxants. These factors cause hair loss in women of all ages, which can in turn indirectly lead to feelings of insecurity and even depression.
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African American hair transplant techniques do not differ greatly from transplants of other types of hair. The procedures can successfully yield long-lasting restoration results and correct the problem of hair loss. However, always consult a physician before starting treatment to determine whether medical reasons exist for hair loss. You may need to address these root medical or hormonal causes as well.

Hairline surgery in African American women may create darker patches of skin around the area of transplant. Existing scarring on the scalp may affect the way a donor piece acclimates to the recipient. Experienced practitioners, however, can minimize these and similar issues and help you choose the right techniques for successful hairline surgery.

Treat both your natural and transplanted hair with care to avoid further hair loss in the future by staying away from harsh chemical treatments and eating a nourishing diet.

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