Hair Restoration Surgery: Am I A Good Candidate?

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Hair restoration surgery has proven to be effective at restoring appearance and a person’s general sense of self-esteem, particularly among people who have suffered traumatic experiences that have caused hair loss. Accident-related injuries and sicknesses are some of the more extreme causes of hair loss but there are many reasons why people seek hairline surgery in San Francisco. So how do you know whether or not you’re a good candidate for hairline surgery?

Before undergoing the surgery, patients are advised to keep their expectations realistic in order for the surgery to be a success. Keep in mind that most people have only a limited amount of hair on their own bodies that can be moved to the scalp during surgery. This means there likely won’t be another source of hair after the first procedure, and this means getting it right the first time. Also, health experts only recommend surgery only after other attempts to reverse the progression of hair loss have already been exhausted.

It is not recommended to undergo surgery as a means to slow down a receding hairline. The surgery itself has the potential to cause “shock loss,” a phenomenon in which some of the remaining hair on the scalp is lost after the procedure. Sometimes this lost hair grows back, however this is not guaranteed and patients may find that they are left with lesser hair than they had before the procedure.

These are good candidates for hair restoration surgery:

  • People who have lost their hair following trauma or burns.
  • Men who have male pattern baldness and have already been losing hair for years.
  • Any person who has been bald for many years, and whose pattern has had enough time to establish itself. If interested in growing new hair to bring about a younger-looking appearance, there may be options for you.
  • People who have lost their hair following unsuccessful cosmetic surgeries such as face lifts.
  • Men who understand the nature of their baldness and have tried other methods of hair loss treatment unsuccessfully, while keeping realistic expectations about surgery. Bear in mind some of these procedures will be followed by months of medication in order to keep much of the transplanted hair.
  • Men and women that are over 30 years old and in good health. This means that candidates for surgery should be people who take regular exercise, eat healthy food, and make good lifestyle choices that boost the immune system.

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