Can Collagen Supplements Help With Hair Loss?

Is Collagen a Good Hair Loss Treatment?

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Wondering if collagen supplements is enough to help with hair loss? Don’t mistake collagen supplements for a hair loss treatment; these over-the-counter pills and powders offer some aid in preventing or slowing hair loss but does not cure baldness. Visit a San Francisco hair transplant doctor to learn more about your options when it comes to hair restoration.

Here’s what you should know before you depend on collagen supplements to solve male or female hair loss.

Collagen is made naturally.
Collagen is made in the body naturally, and is comprised of amino acids, which are important in bodily functions including hair growth Your diet, stress level, and health issues impact the production of collagen, so supplements may often be warranted and recommended by your provider or physician.

Supplements may slow down balding.
Extra collagen can help with subtle hair loss but is not enough to keep you from going bald. These often-pricey supplements may slow it down, but it will not prevent baldness or restore hair that has been lost. This may be an effective way to stall or reduce the severity of hair loss when taking early as a preventative method, but don’t look at it as a solution to hair loss or balding.

Read the labels.
If you do choose to use a collagen supplement, read the label to watch for unnecessary added ingredients that simply drive-up the cost of the collagen supplement, like CoQ10 and Glucosamine. These do nothing for hair loss except provide ‘label appeal’ for the consumer audience. Also, watch for sugars and artificial ingredients in your supplement.

Look closer at hairline surgery.
Are you serious about hair restoration and bald treatment? Talk to a physician about hairline surgery and what your options are. Typically, you choose between FUE and FUT procedures, which vary in the approach to restoring hair to your scalp, so discuss the distinctions with your hair restoration surgeon.

Contact a Bay Area Hair Restoration Specialist to See if Hairline Surgery is Right for You

Don’t count on collagen supplements to restore your thick head of hair or prevent baldness, if balding has already started. When incorporated with a healthy lifestyle, collagen pills and powders may prolong or slow hair loss, but not cure it. For male or female hair loss treatment and hair restoration, contact MHTA Clinic today for a free and confidential consultation with Dr. Diep.