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Does Warmer Weather Affect Healing After Hair Transplant?

Wondering if Weather Affects Your Hair Transplant?

Warmer weather brings with it outdoor barbecues, days at the swimming pool, and other fun activities. It also raises questions in patients about hair restoration in San Jose and other warm climate areas. People are often curious about how warmer weather affects healing after a hair transplant. This article looks at that topic.

Sweat and Hair Transplants

As pointed out on the blog of the Crown Clinic, people sometimes wonder if sweat—which tends to be more common during the warmer months of the year—will affect the results and recovery time of a hair transplant. Though people are advised to rest up for a few days after a San Jose hair restoration procedure, that’s not for the purposes of avoiding sweat: In and of itself, sweat usually doesn’t affect hair transplant results or the procedure’s recovery period. The resting period is simply to aid the recovery process.

Cold and Hair Transplants

People sometimes approach this topic from the opposite angle, asking: How does colder weather affect hair transplants? In other words, some wonder if they should delay their hair transplant in San Jose until colder months arrive or speed it up so that it takes place beforehand. The answer is that like warmer weather, cold temperatures do not have an effect on recovery time or results.

However, this advice goes for all hair transplants, no matter the time of year: If you suspect a potential problem, contact your doctor. They will be able to give you the advice needed to keep your recovery on track.


Regardless of when your hair restoration procedure occurs, there are certain steps you can take to aid the recovery process. These include:

  • To reduce swelling, sleep with your head in a slightly elevated position.
  • Use painkillers if needed to reduce discomfort.
  • Use a gentle shampoo whenever you wash your scalp. Specialist shampoos and baby shampoos are two options for this.
  • Do not engage in contact sports or other activities that may lead to your scalp being rubbed or otherwise touched.

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That covers the broad strokes of how the seasons affect hair transplants. If you want to learn more about your specific situation, Dr. John Diep at the MHTA Clinic can be a resource. Dr. Diep is a leading professional when it comes to FUE hair restoration in San Jose and other hair restoration procedures. To schedule a consultation, just use this contact form. You can also book an appointment over the phone by calling our San Francisco office at (415) 230-2367 or our Los Gatos office at (408) 356-8600.