FAQs You Should Be Aware of As You Consider an Eyebrow Transplant

Considering an Eyebrow Transplant?

Many people will agree that eyebrows play an essential role in the general beauty of the face. However, not everyone is blessed with perfect eyebrows. This results in feelings of unhappiness on the appearance of their eyebrows. Lucking, the San Francisco eyebrow enhancements procedure can remedy this situation.

The following are some of the crucial FAQs about eyebrow enhancement;

What are the most prevalent causes of eyebrow hair loss?

As you might already know by now, there are various things that cause hair loss on the eyebrows area. To begin with, it might be as a result of over plucking. Also, when one experiences an accident that directly affects the eyebrows, it can lead to permanent eyebrow hair loss. Other reasons include; aging, an ailment that causes hair loss and lack of proper eyebrow grooming.

Who can get a hair enhancement procedure?

Hair transplant of the eyebrows is convenient for anyone whose eyebrows have thinned. However, to make a perfect candidate, the person who is seeking this procedure also needs to have good health such that they do not have issues with clotting.

Does this procedure give a permanent solution?

Yes. It is the best way towards achieving permanent results which correct thinned eyebrows. This is permanent as it results in the long-term growth of eyebrow hair. This means that the eyebrows will continue to regenerate even when some of the hair sheds.

Where specifically will the donor’s hair be generated from?

This procedure will involve using donor hair and donor grafts. In determining where they will come from, both the extent of the hair loss and the gender of the patient will be taken into consideration.

Where it is the hair loss on the eyebrow is experienced partially, the donor hair can be obtained from the healthy brow. When dealing with donor grafts for women, it is mostly obtained from the upper thigh or the back of the ear.

However, when it is a male patient, it will be obtained from other parts of the skin depending on the thickness of the original hair. This consideration of gender in relation to where the donor graft is gotten from is important as it ensures a natural look for the eyebrows as women’s are thinner while men’s eyebrows are thicker.

What number of grafts will be used for a single eyebrow hair transplant?

Whereas the number varies from one patient to the other, this procedure mostly involves the use of 50 hair grafts or more as guided by the fue doctor.

Will it require me to check in as an inpatient?

No. The great news about this procedure is that it is carried as an outpatient procedure.

What duration does the hair transplant procedure take?

This procedure can last for about 5 to 6 hours. However, it is important to note that it may vary depending on how much work needs to be put in.

What is the recovery period of this procedure?

A patient who has gone through an eyebrow enhancement can return to their normal routine within 48 hours post the procedure. This is because this treatment is minimally invasive and the doctor employs the use of fine medical instruments during the procedure. However, it is important to avoid strenuous exercises for a while.

Is the patient exposed to any side effects or risks following the transplant?

There are no side effects which have been reported this far. The only risk that is recognized is that of the hair not growing in the intended direction. Luckily, this can be made right by training it to grow towards the same direction as the surrounding hair.

When will I notice the final results?

Between 3 to 5-weeks post-surgery, the transplanted hair on your brows might start to shed. This is not a bad thing as it allows for the eventual results to be noticed. In most cases, you will notice a growth in the eyebrow hair that has been transplanted after about 4 to 6 months. 10 months after the surgery, you should be able to witness the full results of the San Francisco eyebrow enhancement procedure that you went through.

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