Repairing Botched Hair Transplants with FUE Hair Restoration

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©2014 MHTA – BEFORE FUE Hair Restoration with Dr. Diep

After spending a substantial amount of money on a hair transplant, you were devastated by the results. You’re now searching for a solution to correct the botched hair transplant. You want to restore how you looked before the surgery; or, ideally, correct the transplant to make it look natural and seamless.

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) hair restoration might be an option for you.

The FUE process obtains hair grafts from a donor area and transplants them to areas of your head that need the hair. It’s an exacting, meticulous, step-by-step process that utilizes hundreds of precision grafts and implants them on the same day. The FUE doctor minds both the location and direction of each hair.

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©2014 MHTA – AFTER FUE Hair Restoration with Dr. Diep

In addition to reusing hair that you’re already growing naturally, FUE hair restoration can eliminate scar tissue, improve the skin’s appearance and correct problems caused (or worsened) by previous transplants or surgeries. In some cases, laser resurfacing and laser hair removal can be used in conjunction to create an even more pleasing aesthetical effect.

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FUE is a delicate and relatively new type of process, so you want to find an FUE doctor who has the tools, team, credentials and experience to ensure that the corrective procedure goes as expected. The team here at Medical Hair Transplant and Aesthetics would be happy to discuss your situation in confidence and at length to answer your questions about what techniques (such as FUE or other medical procedures) might be appropriate and give you an estimate for how and when we could assist with the corrective process. Call (415) 230-2367 or fill out our online contact form to schedule a consultation.