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How FUE Can Repair Previous Hair Transplants

Nearly 40% of hair transplant patients seek repetitive work for alterations or corrections. This is because advanced technologies have made it possible for surgeons in this field to rectify cases of scarring, bad results, and other mishaps sustained from previous procedures.

FUE Transplants Can Also Fix Past Poor Hair Restoration Procedures

Graft camouflage

Camouflage involves the use of hair transplantation. It is where either FUT or FUE is used to implant follicles in order to engulf and disguise pluggy grafts. Using much simpler terms, it can be described as the process where by a surgeon implants numerous single hair follicles within the pluggy grafts.

With a number of small grafts carefully placed in the spaces present in-between the plugs, the surgeon can provide the patient with a more natural appearance, or reduce their pluggy form. Unfortunately, most men can’t pursue this strategy due to few hair donor sites.

If donor resources prove to be a limiting factor, the surgeon may come up with another viable solution or a combination of them to remedy a patient’s situation.

Linear scar correction

For years now, people seeking to correct their hair transplant have had only alternative, which is scar revision. Even though it is typically successful in some situations, over time is has proved to be largely ineffective when evaluated on a large scale. The surgery involves the removal of the existing scar with the use of a scalpel, and then wrapping up the wound again with staples or sutures. Unfortunately, this technique is often leads to an even more prominent scar. In fact, it can be even larger than the original one.

However, advances in hair transplantation techniques and technology, covering up scars is now more possible and effective than ever even before.

Fixing bad plugs

Despite being noticeable, plugs are initially ensconced and dense around normal follicles. With time, patients tend to lose more hair, causing the plugs to have an unnatural appearance; some would say similar to doll’s hair. Larger versions are more noticeable during this phase; however, all of them can still turn out the same way.

Before FUE to fix plugs, the only way to repair such issues was to cut out a strip across the hairline. This technique managed to remove the pluggy appearance, but unfortunately left a linear scar across the front portion of one’s head. Density was also not guaranteed, and in some cases the linear scar could be visible due to sparsely spread follicles.

However, with a well-trained surgeon, all these issues can be avoided. He or she can make minimal incisions leading to less scarring and apply hair follicles precisely.

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