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A Look at Medications for Hair Loss

Considering Hair Loss Treatments?

It’s common for individuals curious about FUE hair restoration in San Jose and other locations to also wonder how effective hair loss medications are. Drawing on information the MHTA Clinic has previously published and other sources, this article takes a look at prominent medications and how they work.


Finasteride is a prescription drug that is taken via oral tablet. According to Healthline, Finasteride’s well-known forms are Proscar and Propecia, and the latter is the version typically used to treat male pattern hair loss. Generic options are also available. Physicians do not prescribe finasteride to women or children.

Finasteride works by blocking the production of dihydrotestosterone, which can be responsible for male pattern baldness. Patients may not notice results at first and may need to wait for up to three months to see if it has the intended effect. Possible side effects of Finasteride include rashes, swelling, lowered libido, and impotence. These may be mild and subside after a week or two, but if they are severe or long-lasting, Healthline advises speaking to your pharmacist or doctor.


Minoxidil is known to many people as the brand-name product Rogaine. It is most effective on the crown of the head. Minoxidil works best if it is applied twice a day over a long length of time; discontinuing its use may also discontinue hair growth. It is available at drug stores as a topical product, and an oral form is available via prescription. Doctors regularly advise patients to use it as a complement to other measures; for instance, it might accompany a San Jose hairline surgery as a way to spur growth in the area from which donor hair was harvested.

Its potential side effects include weight gain, chest pains, increased heart rate, and fainting. Additionally, WebMD reports that it may cause scalp irritation, particularly if it is used on the same day that a person has their hair chemically treated or colored. In most cases, about four months of treatment are needed to produce results.

Are You Interested in Learning More About Hair Restoration in San Jose?

Depending on your hair loss circumstances, some combination of a surgical procedure and medication may be appropriate. Want to learn more about your options? You can receive expert advice from Dr. John Diep, a leading San Jose hair restoration professional, through the MHTA Clinic. Feel free to reach us through our contact form. You can also reach our Los Gatos office by calling 408-356-8600 and our San Francisco office by calling 415-230-2367.