Shades of Gray: What’s Behind This Millennial Hair Trend

The New Hair Trend: Coloring Your Hair Grey

Times are changing and so is hair color. The hair strands are now going grey.gray silver hair trend

For an epoch, one used to fear grey strand of hair. ‘Flaunt’ has now replaced ‘fear’. The elderly now flaunts that natural grey hair and the youngsters are following their path.

What Brought About This Trend? Many people are dying their hair grey. Be it a guy or a girl, the grey locks are quite a rock for both.

If you think it won’t look good on you, Google Kylie Jenner, Rihanna, Zayn Malik or Brad Pitt. You’re sure to go from no to yes before you know it.

It’s Not About Looking silver white hair trend

Who wants to look old anyway? As to why grey locks are in fashion today is difficult to answer. After all, there is no answer to ‘why is this in fashion?’ Except for one- ‘Because people do not merely like it but love it.’

Perhaps it’s because sporting grey hair makes you look mature and wise – and has that charm around it that few noticed before. With more people embracing the color grey, hair transplant clinics too are hearing the craze.

The Trend Is Really Popular

silver woman hair trendAccording to a rep from Amazon, their search engine is filled with grey hair dye. Google trends too say that searches for grey hair have increased by 234%. It seems that ‘dying grey’ is the new hair vogue.

Another reason, which is also something to feel happy and proud about, is that – the world is finally getting over orthodox hair fashion, which was nothing but the colour ‘Black’.

Grey Is the New Black

We all had an image that used to pop up as soon as someone stated how it felt to ‘be young’. The image was anyone but with dark hair. Dark hair was a measure of youthfulness.

Now, the colour grey over ones’ head can bring a fresh vibe and attract people, and somewhere or the other; there exists a sense of pride.

Gray is the new black, they say.

There’s something to think about after your hair restoration. What color are you going for?

Do you need hair restoration or a hair transplant? Hair transplants are easy, and it doesn’t matter how old (or young) you’re. One of the easiest hair transplant methods that you can go for is FUE, which is extremely safe, and is a process where healthy hair follicles are removed from the scalp and implemented into the bald areas.

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