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Why Do Men Go Bald?

Wondering Why Men Go Bald?

Even though they say, ‘bald is beautiful,’ most men who have lost their hair or are thinning don’t feel beautiful at all. Certainly, there are some exceptions – a relatively small group of people do have the confidence and a normal-enough-shaped head to shave their heads and rock a full chrome-dome and make it look good – even though it takes plenty of maintenance to pull this off daily.

For the rest of us, all we may get is regret for what used to be a full head of hair. We invest in hats and consider hairpieces. We tell ourselves that baldness doesn’t matter, even though it’s not always easy to be convincing in our current culture.

What Can One Do About Hair Loss?

The good news is that there are things to do about it beyond listening to those who say, “hair loss is part of life – accept it.”

There are a variety of surgical and cosmetic options out there. Bald treatment in San Jose can re-stimulate the head to begin producing hair again or even transplant hair from other parts of your body.

Before you invest in hair restoration in San Jose, consider learning more about why people go bald, especially males.

Why Do So Many Men Go Bald?

If you’re bald or have thinning hair, you likely have a condition called androgenic alopecia. More than 95 percent of male hair loss is because of this condition. The other 5 percent of hair loss is caused by environmental conditions (toxins, radiation) or medical conditions (high stress, chemo).

You can also thank your genetic code for your hair loss: there’s an inherited trait that causes different sensitivities to a certain hormone called dihydrotestosterone or DHT, including thicker or thinner hair.

DHT is created when testosterone is converted in the body by an enzyme. People with thinner hair have more of this enzyme in their hair follicles. As someone ages, the amount of DHT increases, resulting in shorter lifespan for each hair and fewer hair follicles.

Races that traditionally have less hair loss, such as Asian cultures, have less of the enzyme.

Testosterone is a male hormone believed to contribute to aggression, sexual strength along with hair growth.

It makes sense that less hair has come to symbolize less virility and a transition into an elder, weaker member of society. As people age, they may naturally lose hair or take steps to preserve what they have, including seeking men hair loss treatment in San Jose.

This isn’t just observed in the human population: other animals have similar behaviors. Male lions lose more hair up top as they age, along with some of their vigor. Certain primates like chimps also have been observed to become less aggressive and have less hair on their heads as they grow past their prime.

The higher amounts of testosterone or DHT also can explain why women generally have less hair loss and less interest in hair restoration in San Jose.

Learn More About Hair Restoration in San Jose

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