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Eyebrow Restoration

Eyebrows are very important in shaping a person’s face and look. A set of sharp eyebrows can enhance other features of the face such as the eyes, nose, mouth and jaw. Many models and celebrities have had eyebrows transplant done by Dr. Diep in Los Angeles, San Jose (Los Gatos) and San Francisco. The art of eyebrow restoration requires artistic and aesthetic details to ensure natural and dense result. Dr. Diep has many years of experience in eyebrows transplant, developing many instruments and techniques to ensure natural and dense eyebrows restoration result. Each individual has his or her agenda and idea of what good looking eyebrows are like. Dr. Diep can shape and create the eyebrows specifically to each individual’s desire.

Eyebrow Before and After

Dr. Diep has created 6 rules for eyebrows transplants

  1. URFUT: transplanting one hair graft at a time into each individual site, ensuring naturalness and “no plugs”.
  2. Single hair grafts: All eyebrows consist of only single hair grafts, anything thicker will look too harsh.
  3. Flat against the skin: All hair grafts will be transplanted at a flat angle along the skin.
  4. Medial sides of the eyebrows will have hair growing upward and flat against the skin
  5. Top portion of the eyebrows, the hair will angle toward the bottom and outward toward the lateral sides, while the bottom half of the eyebrows will point upward and outward toward the lateral sides.
  6. The shape of the eyebrows can vary from one individual over another, however, the role of thumb tends to have the medial sides of the eyebrows begin from the perpendicular line along the nose, while the height and arch of the eyebrows met and aligned with the line from the nose through the pupil of the eye and while the tail or lateral sides of the of eyebrows end at the line from the nose passing through the lateral angle/tip of the eye.

eyebrow-restorationThere are two methods to harvest hair for eyebrows transplant, such as the “Strip Harvesting” method and the “FUE” method. The FUE method is more expensive than the Strip Harvesting Method because it is more time consuming.

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Eyebrow transplant is very popular, gaining more publicity. It is also permanent and will continue to grow faster and longer than the typical eyebrows hair, requiring the individual to trim them every two weeks. Eyebrows transplant is very delicate and time consuming and Dr. Diep has many years of experience in eyebrows transplant using both FUE and Strip method. He is one of the best in eyebrows restoration.

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