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In modern days of men hair restoration, Multi Unit of Hair Transplantation (MUT) technique is not commonly used. MUT involves the placing of 10-20 hair grafts per incision site. This method does not give very favorable results, which is the reason why it is not used anymore. Hair growth is not natural looking, but rather looks like “barbie doll” hair pattern. Basically, hair grows in patterns that are like patches. The hair is bunched up in groups, making it look harsh, thick, and noticeable. Another word for this type of hair growth is called “Plugs”. Aside from the “Pluggy” look, MUT tends to produce hair graft patterns with no growth in the central region. Basically, the hair grafts in the center die off because not enough oxygen diffusion occurs in the central region during the early healing process. Thus, hair grows in a donut-like pattern, with no hair in the central region of scalp.

After MUT, came the Mini or Micro Unit of Transplantation which involves the placing of 3-5 hair grafts into each hair site. Even though this method is better than MUT hair trans plants, it still results in a “Pluggy” look. In modern times, neither MUT nor Mini or Micro Unit of Transplant is used much, if at all. More commonly used nowadays is the Follicular Unit of Transplantation (FUT). With this men’s hair transplant technique, single hair grafts are transplanted at each graft incision. This method produces more natural results since it gets rid of the “plug” or “doll” look. However, even more refined than FUT is Ultra Refined Follicular Unit of Transplantation (URFUT). With this men’s hair transplant technique, excessive skin tissue is trimmed down. By eliminating extra skin, it helps avoid “the bumpy look” on the scalp where the transplanted hair is placed, therefore, the result is more favorable with URFUT.

Medical Hair Transplant and Aesthetics (MHTA) offers men the most up to date and innovative techniques in restoring hair loss. MHTA only uses URFUT method to plant healthy and refined hair grafts.

Men hair transplant san franciscoThe new method is less likely to produce the “pluggy” look. Hair growth is more natural and not clumped together. The transplanted site is less bumpy. Hair grafts need oxygen as a source of nutrients for survival during the healing process; this is a very critical stage of hair grafts survival. With the URFUT method, each individual graft has its oxygen and food supply surrounding it, drastically increasing survival rate.

In summary, URFUT is a more refined and state of the art method than FUT. URFUT takes one step further in hair restoration process. It involves the dissection of grafts under the microscope, cutting away unnecessary excess skin, leading to thinner and finer hair grafts while still maintaining a healthy and vibrant follicular unit.

In comparison to FUT hair transplants for men, the fined hair grafts produced from the URFUT method provides many benefits to hair transplantation, such as:

  • Less trauma in the recipient area to allow faster post surgical healing.
  • Less pitting or distortions in the transplanted areas because of less skin intact
  • Less chances of dimpling because of less extra skin intact
  • Greater ability to dense pack because of smaller hair grafts
  • Better angulation of transplanted hair.

At MHTA, we only use the most cutting edge technology for hair transplantation. URFUT is one of many methods Dr. Diep uses when performing surgery. The result is just phenomenal. Dr. Diep has produced many videos of his patients during hair surgery. These videos are real, and recorded as surgery happened. There is no dramatization. To view the videos, click here.

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