4 Ways to Know If You’re Going Bald

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Wondering if you might be going bald? How do you tell the difference between normal hair loss and balding? Losing a little bit of hair is normal but if you are going bald, you may want to consider a FUE hair transplant or hairline surgery in San Francisco.

Worried about hair loss? Here are 4 ways to know if you are going bald:

  1. It runs in your family. Some sources report that 80% of balding is based on genes; if your maternal grandfather was bald, you may also begin to go bald. Also, don’t be misled that only men are at risk of premature hair loss; 40% of women over age 40 experience visible hair loss.
  2. It is harder to style your hair. When you groom or style your hair, do you find it difficult to achieve your usual look? This could be due to a receding hairline and hair loss, which can lead to balding.
  3. You can see more of your scalp. If you notice that your scalp is more visible than usual, you could be balding. Typically, a thinner head of hair is followed by bald spots. Now is the time for an intervention.
  4. You are losing more hair than is normal. Don’t get upset if you notice hair on your pillow in the morning or in the tub after a shower, some hair loss is normal for everyone and it doesn’t mean that your hair is falling out or that you will go bald. In fact, most people typically lose around 100 strands of hair per day, but it grows back. If you notice more than this being lost throughout the day, talk to your primary care provider or make an appointment with a hair transplantation specialist.

Don’t let hair loss worry you; there are numerous options including medical interventions that are effective at restoring your hair and seemingly reversing the aging process. The best approach is to speak to a qualified surgeon about bald treatment in San Jose.

Dr. Diep at MHTA Clinic Can Help with Men’s Hair Loss Treatment in San Jose

If you are going bald, it could be time to speak to Dr. Diep at MHTA Clinic about men’s hair loss treatment options, including Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE hair restoration surgery. Call to learn more and to schedule your consultation today.