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5 Important Facts About Hair Transplants

Thinking about San Jose hair restoration?

Are you losing your hair? Many Americans are turning to hair restoration options to battle hair loss due to genetics, which is the most common cause of adult hair loss. In fact, around 80 million people in the US live with this condition, called androgenetic alopecia. While men are primarily the ones impacted, almost 30 million of those experiencing this condition are women. Both men and women seek bald treatment in San Jose due to hereditary hair loss.

Thinking about San Jose hair restoration? Here are 5 things that you need to know:

Hair transplants look natural.

A big misconception about hair transplants is that others will know that it is not your real hair. The truth is that hair transplants are very natural looking- and will look like your natural hair. The goal of transplantation is for the hair to grow naturally and subtly; that way, nobody will ever surmise that you have had a transplant.

Dr. Diep will use the latest technology- and his expertise- to follow the angle and lines of your hair for the most natural results feasible. After your hair transplant, you will be able to wash, style, and handle your hair like you normally would.

Hair transplantation takes time.

Are you realistic in what you expect from hair transplant surgery? You need to know that the results are not immediate, and you will need to have patience. After hair has been transplanted, it will fall out- this is normal. The remaining hair follicle is what stays in your scalp and in a few months, new hair will grow. You can expect optimal results in about one year from transplantation.

Women also receive hair transplants.

Think that only men get hair transplants? Think again- since women also lose their hair due to a myriad of reasons, including genetics, they also receive hair transplants. A healthy and successful transplant often comes down to the pattern of hair loss experienced, the individual’s normal ability to grow hair, and enough hair remaining that is healthy enough to transplant.

If you meet these general criteria, you could be a candidate for hair transplantation.

Scarring is minimal.

If you are hesitant about hair transplants because of scarring, put your mind to rest. There are a couple of different transplantation techniques that Dr. Diep can discuss with you during your consultation. The goal of the team is to leave the smallest and lightest scar possible. You will never have long, linear scars after hair transplantation surgery. Talk to the doctor to learn more about your options.

The results are nearly permanent.

Hair transplants are almost permanent. They are, in fact, the most permanent hair restoration option available to prospective clients. After initial transplantation, the hair will shed. Over time, it will grow back and you can expect optimal results in about a year. This hair will remain and become your ‘permanent’ head of hair.

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