Is a Hair Transplant Worth the Money?

San Jose FUE Hair Transplant Worth The Money

San Francisco Hairline Surgery Expert Discusses

Men with thinning hair are anxious to protect the hair that remains and restore the fullness they enjoyed. Many topical treatments and medications theoretically can help with these issues. Clinically speaking, though, most have demonstrated only limited long-term success. For most men, the best way to achieve hair restoration is with a FUE hair transplant.

The Pros:

  • Successful hair transplants give the most natural and longest-lasting results.
  • New FUE techniques and technologies provide amazing outcomes, and smart clinicians elaborate on these and develop more all the time.
  • Hair restoration surgery is nearly painless, and it’s performed on an outpatient basis.
  • FUE restores confidence, according to surveys, and leads to strong overall satisfaction with appearance.

Do your diligence, and find an excellent, experienced surgeon. Learn about the procedure, and interview the prospective doctor before scheduling FUE to understand what will happen and what you will have to do.

The Cons:

  • The procedure is a surgery, and all surgeries carry inherent risks.
  • There are no guarantees of success, and you only have so many hair follicles to use for this procedure.
  • FUE outcomes tend to look more natural than do results from older hair restoration techniques. However, not all surgeons are skilled or experienced at FUE.
  • The cost can be high – thousands of dollars per session – and some patients might need more than one procedure.
  • You may need to continue hair growth medications after the surgery.

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Is a hair transplant worth the money? The answer depends on your career ambitions, your degree of dissatisfaction with your current look and many other factors. Medical Hair Transplant & Aesthetics surgeons use the latest techniques to obtain excellent, aesthetically pleasing results for our clients. Contact our Bay Area FUE doctors at (866) 999-6482 for a free consultation.